Platform Features

EdgeOps delivers market-leading speed and value for companies seeking AI-enabled performance improvements.

Three core offerings make up the EdgeOps Platform: EdgeOps Core, EdgeOps Site, and EdgeOps Sphere – built on the foundation of the Adapdix DataMesh. Combined, these provide seamless scaling from a single piece of equipment to thousands of geographically distributed manufacturing processes across multiple factories and cloud endpoints.

EdgeOps Features

Distributed Database – With an edge-first, data mesh architecture, maintain data close to the source allowing data and AI/ML features to remain geographically distributed with localized ownership while providing a single pane of glass view requiring no database administration expertise.

Integrated MLOps – Perform exploratory data analysis, track model experiments, train/version models, deploy them directly on edge hardware, and continuously monitor their performance.

Operational Pipelines – Extend beyond simply deploying models, run and manage end-to-end data flows in ultra-lightweight containers. Centrally managed but deployable anywhere, connect to any data source to unlock real-time analytics.

DS Graphic Multisite
  • Multi-Source distributed data collection, storage, and analytics
  • Edge-native AI/ML inference with integrated MLOps
  • Ultra-lightweight, low-latency, run-anywhere Operational Pipelines
  • Low-code graphical pipeline builder
  • Distributed Database with Data Mesh architecture
  • Self-managed, self-contained, and user owned
  • Seamless scaling with modern microservices architecture
  • Centrally managed pipeline orchestration and versioning

Accelerate the development of your AI/ML solutions

Are you looking to add AI/ML capabilities to your existing products or solutions? Or do you need to securely collect and transform data from various sources to inform your analytics? Leverage EdgeOps to seamlessly orchestrate and manage data ETL at the edge, on-premise, or in the cloud. Put your AI/ML modeling into production with the confidence to deliver solutions for any use case – maintaining your branding and commercial model.

  • White-label customization
  • Accelerate AI/ML offerings
  • Offload analytics and processing from production systems
  • Expedite application development
  • Easily extendable and flexible
  • Enable AI/ML for non-expert users

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