EdgeOps: the future of
edge-to-cloud deployments

Bolstered by rapid technology change, we are headed to a future dominated by hundreds of millions of containers, coupled with a drive to scale up AI across the enterprise to automate business decisions.

By 2022, Gartner estimates that half of large organizations will be integrating edge computing principles into their projects. This enormous growth will need to be backed by reliable end-to-end infrastructure environments that support proximity, and that ensure low latency, high bandwidth, autonomy and privacy.

Adapdix helps accelerate your journey to an AI-based operating model with the world’s first EdgeOps platform.

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Benefits across your business

Industrial/OEM Manfacturers

Increase equipment uptime, increase revenues, drastically reduce unplanned downtime, reduce cost of ownership with Adapdix EdgeOps.

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Agile DevOps Teams

Use ML to rapidly innovate and adapt to customer feedback with deployment of infrastructure, applications, services and connectivity across an edge-to-cloud deployment framework.

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Operations, Field Service Leaders

Dramatically improve performance across your field service/customer/supply chain by optimizing operations and services with ML.

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The implementation of Adapdix’ EdgeOps platform in our back-end assembly processes has significantly contributed to improving our production equipment efficiency. We receive information about anomalies in real-time and can react on them.


EdgeOps helps us to streamline real-time monitoring, greatly simplifies the establishment of process and machine metrics, and enables the development of adaptive maintenance capability – vital for installations operating at the Edge.

OEM Customer Testimonial

Adapdix has implemented a market leading platform combining industrial automation software with artificial intelligence for a first-of-its-kind edge-optimized service performance solution.

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ADAPDIX offers a software-based platform that monitors and detects equipment, component or system degradations and alerts equipment engineering managers before a failure.

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Adapdix enables a distributed data mesh ecosystem by moving the AI to where the data is. This delivers the ultra-low latency needed for customer’s advanced applications.

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