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Adapdix EdgeOps Solutions Overview

Adapdix’s EdgeOps™ platform is a software solution that combines advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AL/ML) analytics with a distributed, edge-based architecture. The platform’s inferencing model captures, stores and analyzes real-time data at the edge, delivering predictive data intelligence for advanced production environments in milliseconds.

The EdgeOps™ platform puts the customer back in control of managing their production and logistics systems without the need for costly systems integration and time-consuming IT implementations.

The platform provides, in most cases, same day access to critical systemlevel data that enables the customer to prevent faults, reduce unplanned downtime and predict equipment degradation.

To meet the customer’s increasing demand for faster response times, manufacturers, industrial OEMs, and enterprises are looking to adapt their operations to new, advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, AL/ML, and microservices. EdgeOps provides a scalable, open and cost-effective platform that seamlessly integrates these new technologies.

EdgeOps™ enables customers in the semiconductor, electronics, manufacturing, and automotive industries to transition from relying on reactive maintenance strategies to predictive monitoring and control of their end-to-end operations.

The EdgeOps™ platform empowers customer service operations, field service organizations, IT operations and management to optimize system uptimes, increase yields and revenue, and reduce cost of ownership of increasingly complex machinery and systems.

EdgeOps™ At-A-Glance

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Yield
  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership


The platform collects full-stack data from the customer’s end-to-end operations and performs real-time synchronization and validation of critical system data. Thanks to its advanced, integrated AL/ML capabilities, the EdgeOps™ time-triggered architecture is capable of predicting, at the millisecond level, whether data readings monitored are within a permissible range. If data goes out of range, several different reactions can be triggered. EdgeOps™ platform features include:

  • Integrated AL/ML-enabled data engineering models
  • Context-aware runtime, enabling data synchronization and integrity
  • Adaptive control-based functions for ultra-low latency data exchange
  • Built on the company’s 15 patents in autonomous systems software design

The EdgeOps™ platform not only performs predictive analytics on manufacturing equipment but also is able to test and control it remotely. The software’s adaptive control features can temporarily change out-of-range data to an acceptable value to avoid costly unplanned equipment downtime.

A large, multinational semiconductor company deployed the EdgeOps™ platform to manage its microdevice assembly production line. All equipment motor axis movements, component gesture movements and subsystem positions are tracked every 25 milliseconds to ensure against any unplanned downtime. The software platform runs locally at the customer’s facility to protect any data from external attacks and to guarantee ultra-low latency program execution times.