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EdgeLytics™. Today, industrial OEMs are required to think beyond perfect production capabilities of machine equipment and systems but also to address operational equipment efficiency that integrates and leverages operational (OT) data with traditional information technology (IT) techniques. Advanced Analytics services will be key to provide integration of hard real-time data and visualization of OEM equipment state.

Today most OEM products are focused on managing new fabrication processes around advanced materials to manufacture mass products at lower cost with high throughput and at high quality. The operational aspect is often of secondary importance, even though downtime is one of the highest ranked production loss factors. EdgeLytics™ services provides an advanced analytic platform coupled with a strong visualization framework for insights on asset state, asset health and adaptive learnings.

EdgeLytics™ is closely integrated with the company’s EdgeOps™ Automation Platform to enable OEMs and solution partners to offer scalable services to their customers. EdgeLytics™ services allow customers to flexibly design own asset health dashboards with integrated alert functions that inform end customers before machine downtime occurs. This drives up overall reliability and availability of machine equipment efficiency and performance of customer’s automation systems.


Adapptivity™ In the dawning demand-driven era, industrial OEMs will drive investments in the Manufacturing sector. Industrial OEMs and product companies are increasingly turning to service-based revenues to address declining margins and increasing competitive threats from digitally native startups and increasing customer demands. Services provided after the initial sale are increasingly becoming a requirement for growing revenues, increasing profitability and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Edge. In contrast to cloud, edge computing and automation refers to decentralised data processing and automatoin at the edge of the service delivery ecosystem. Adapdix Corporation’s Adapptivity™ program works with application developers to provide applications targeted to industrial OEM customers to achieve higher performance and improved OEE. The Adapptivity™ program leverages the EdgeOps™ Automation Platform to enable OEMs and solution partners to offer scalable, AI-initiated digital services.

The Adapptivity™ developer program helps partners provide innovative system-level functionality, monitoring, testing and control of the overall behavior of a system, thus, significantly improving testing, learning and adapting efficiencies. The platform also provides unique real-time insight information to the system that have not been previously possible.

The Adapptivity™ developer program enables access to the integration, optimization, and efficient management of core service business processes. These include: service resource and part planning, customer experience management, and service pricing management. The Adapptivity™ developer program has specifically been designed to enable product companies deploy digital services to drive profitable growth and improve company performance.

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Adapdix’s management team has deep experience in developing and launching innovative software platforms and services businesses.

Our management pioneered award-winning digital platforms that ultimately allowed digitalfirms to procure hundreds of millions of electronic goods and services. Adapdixteam has collectively more than 100 years of developing industrial-grade, intelligent software development experience working with leading firms such as Nokia, Siemens, HP, and Verizon.

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The Autonomous Edge

Avoid downtime cost and drive-up Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Our EdgeOps™ platform acquires and ingests real time intelligent complete stack data into time-triggered runtime. AI/ML models enable complex anomaly detection and predictive analytics. This helps customers create autonomous functionality that enables new capabilities at the edge.

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We Can Help

The EdgeOps™ platform is highly scalable and adaptable

  • – Edge Intelligent Operations platform
  • – Unpackage autonomous functionality
  • – Improve efficiency of operational equipment
  • – Introduce self-adaptive automation systems
  • – Predictive Analytics integrated with OT data
  • – Increase availability with self-adaptive functionality

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Manage Edge Intelligent Operations

The Edge is complex and complicated!

Enterprises are moving rapidly from the Cloud to the Edge to reduce cost and to improve control of time-sensitive, mission-critical equipment and processes.

Awardee of NSF SBIR I

Adapdix, an early stage wireless industrial edge technology company, has been awarded a grant for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for its Enhanced Physical-Layer Secure Wireless Chaotic Waveforms for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).