How Adapdix EdgeOps is Organized

EdgeOps System Infrastructure Software (SIS) ML/AI Platform Architecture

The platform suite allows for streamlined and integrated agile deployment across your enterprise enabling your end-to-end process and equipment teams to collect, analyze, predict behaviors, and take action using existing operational data with no human intervention.

Our SIS ML/AI platform suite consists of the EdgeSite, EdgeMesh and EdgeFlexx modules. Our core software application operates across the technology stack to handle highly distributed data for integration, which can then be observed by the user via a web browser to gain insight and overall performance. Details about our platform suite are described below:



  • Translates and ingest disparate data from highly distributed endpoints in deterministic pattern
  • Handles customer data endpoints such as individual applications, distributed devices or more complex machines or systems generating time-sensitive data at the edge
  • Can be configured to run locally with our EdgeMesh for aiding in predictive analytics



  • Provides customers with observability and end-to-end system function management distributed data
  • Validates data streams to detect anomalies for predicting system behavior to improve operational efficiency
  • Synchronizes data between EdgeSites, production line, as well as collecting data from other sources such as test data, operator data and off machine computer systems



  • Integrates across key application data including ML Ops, AI/ML model training and automatic deployment, and global application orchestration
  • Provides cloud-to-edge technology integration observing ecosystem of software applications plus management of high-level alert commands, model usage, security, permissions. API integration, third-party applications and enterprise connections

Industrial Enterprise Workloads

Our software offers a new technology stack that provides enterprise-like, modularized, agile software for industrial operations. Software may be deployed along the platform suite to aid in orchestrating ingested data for customers business operations. At the heart of the EdgeOps software is our patented core software application. An innovative technology that functions effortlessly with existing equipment or instrumentation, control, and OT and enterprise IT systems.

Our software technology, combined with the platform suite, allows companies to get started quickly with IoT, AI, machine learning, and other data analytics.

What Makes Adapdix EdgeOps Unique?

Adapdix EdgeOps is uniquely positioned as the preeminent software platform that operates across the full technology stack ensuring ultra-low latency among industrial systems. The platform can be quickly deployed in as little as a single day allowing customers to begin reviewing and acting on their operational data quickly through a consolidated dashboard.

Our end-to-end edge intelligent software platform was designed for automating machine learning functions at the edge to reduce human-initiated interactions at scale. Customers that experience and see first-hand what our software technology can do for them have helped expand the application of it and drive proof-of-concept (POC) development with new and existing organizations.

Leveraging several patented items surrounding the core software application, here we highlight some of those unique features that give this platform a competitive advantage.


Resiliency is purpose-built into the EdgeOps software; its validation and indication capabilities integrate and rapidly scale mission-critical data distributed across operations.

The software technology

  • Provides customers with observability and end-to-end system function management distributed data
  • Validates data streams for the purposes of detecting anomalies for predicting system behavior in order to improve operational efficiency
  • Synchronizes data between EdgeSites, production line, as well as collecting data from other sources such as test data

Reliable Connectivity

EdgeOps software thrives on maintaining data integrity and designed to maintain it at a high level with other applications, systems, and platforms.

The software technology

  • Adapts and correlates changes in quality of data to maintain data stream integrity
  • Core platform functions are configurable to manage flow of data from edge-to-cloud
  • Is built to automate application integration and exchange
  • Directs data to other applications such as ML models

Quality of Service

QoS is inherent in the EdgeOps software. It continuously manages data traffic on the network to reduce data loss and latency by setting priorities for source data quality and performance.

The software technology

  • Observers data quality and performance to see if the data is good or bad
  • Monitors and innately acts on missing data
  • Facilitates the ease of integration of data sources

What Can Be Done with EdgeOps

Adapdix EdgeOps software platform can work with a wide range of industries. Practical solutions range from performance monitoring and alerting to asset optimization. Additional edge intelligent solutions are emerging rapidly, and the practice is expected to transform OT and enterprise IT operations.

Explore the practical solutions of EdgeOps and how it’s set to transform your industry operations.

Predictive Asset Optimization & Uptime Assurance

Real-time, remote observability of highly distributed data streams in milliseconds has the potential to reduce unplanned downtime, and improve both asset utilization and effectiveness.

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Adaptive Control

Our platforms real-time analytics framework combines advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence analytics.

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Predictive Operational Efficiency and Remote Observability

End-to-end predictive operational management and observability of production process and equipment.

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Machine Learning Orchestration

Automate data engineering processes for distributed ML applications to manage event data streams and processing.

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AI-based Product Quality and Compliance Control

Leverage platforms advanced analytics to automate and track compliance measures to meet product production processes including temperature, QA/QC measures.

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Quality, Testing and Safety Compliance

EdgeOps is an effective tool in helping workers identify weaknesses in processes used to produce products or services.

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Application Development

Our software platform supports integration with third-party software from multiple vendors using their publicly available APIs. Custom applications can also be developed for integration. Contact us for additional information or the list of APIs supported by our software platform.

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