Key Features

By stitching together disparate data streams and performing data ingestion, pre-processing, and application inference at the millisecond, DataMesh enables a new level of intelligence and control, managing the increasingly complex data generated by modern assets with market-leading speed and value.

  • Mass Parallel Data Ingestion and Synchronization
  • At-the-Millisecond Data Ingestion
  • Multi-sensor & Multi-source Data Processing
  • Data Transformation, Stitching, Filtration
  • Asset Model Configuration Tool
  • No-code Graphical Application Builder
  • Alerts & Notifications, With SME Input
  • Work-flow Integration & APIs
  • Pre-built Asset Health Monitoring Application

Enterprise Benefits

DataMesh integrates all critical data streams for real-time analysis, enabling split-second decision-making for critical operations. Built upon the EdgeOps platform, the data virtualization capabilities of DataMesh act as an on-ramp to connect enterprise data to a growing ecosystem of intelligent AI applications.

  • Minimize Manual and Repetitive Tasks
  • Speed Up and Simplify root cause analysis
  • Streamline Process Optimization with Accessible, Aggregated Data
  • Real-time, Time-synchronized Stitching of IT and OT Data
  • No-code Reporting and Analytics
  • AI Orchestration for ML Inference at the Edge
  • Intelligent Data Orchestration Between Edge and Cloud Endpoints

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