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What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for EdgeSite?

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EdgeSite is responsible for centralized data storage, dashboards, AI/ML model management, and supporting multiple EdgeNodes. The following minimum requirements are defined based on project experience gained across different customer deployments.

  • Memory: 128GB
  • Storage: 3.5TB SSD
  • CPU: 2X Intel Xeon Gold 5218R Processor 20-Core 2.1GHz 27.5MB Cache (or equivalent)
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Browser: Firefox (default browser for Ubuntu)

We offer a platform sizing session to discuss specific data volume or AI/ML workload reviews for each customer. Please send a message to or visit our website and click on GET STARTED to get in touch with our Sales team or if you have any additional questions regarding our platform’s hardware and software requirements.

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