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Why use EdgeOps™?

Get the most out of our software.

Compared to other real-time data management platforms, EdgeOps™ has many significant advantages that are not found in the market today. Our platform offers value across a wide range of industries featuring real-time, high-precision, and advanced control software. Practical solutions include:

  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Optimize through Adaptive Control
  • Drive machine autonomy

Because we act as a single access point for all your factory data, we can enable faster/easier root cause analysis, factory level process improvements (bottlenecks, etc.), identifying upstream/downstream dependencies, machine comparisons, etc. For example, the software’s advanced capabilities make it the product of choice for semiconductor, automotive, and other manufacturing scenarios handling complex assembly operations and process high volumes of data at microsecond transactions. For Data Scientists, they can develop faster, realize benefits earlier, and spend less time maintaining the solution using the EdgeOps platform. For example, a company struggling to understand why the yield is low can see the individual machine performance at a sub-process level of detail, enabling improvements in machine efficiency and throughput in a matter of weeks.

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